First, you'll need to download the free Olarm App – available on Android Play or Apple App Store:

Once you have downloaded the respective app for your phone then follow the signup process on screen or described below:

Once you open the app you will see the screen depicted in the picture below:

Press the "Sign up" Text/button , this will take you the screen depicted in the picture below:

Select the country you are signup up from* and then enter in your cellphone no. in the field provided below. Click 'Next" and a One Time Pin will be sent to the no. you provide. Enter the One Time Pin into the app on the screen that will pop up after clicking "Next", and depicted below:

Once you have entered in the OTP, you can then clicked "Next" you will then need to enter in additional information (Name. Email, Password), in the next screen and depicted in the picture below:

Once you have entered in all your details, click the "Finish" button. You are then done with the signup process.

If you are signing up in order for another user to grant you access to their Olarm, you are done with the sign-up process and don't need to follow the rest of this manual.

If you are signing up as the owner of a new Olarm, please enter in the details for your new Olarm on the screen that shows up after signing up and depicted below:

The Serial no. is the no. found on the box and on the bottom of the Olarm device, on the label, under the bar code. You can give the Olarm any name you choose, this will just be a label used for you to identify the Olarm and where it is. Once you have entered in the details correctly click "Submit" and you are done with signup and registering your Olarm to your profile.

*If your country does not show up please send us an email at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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