On your dashboard, navigate to the Devices page where you will be able to see all your Olarms. Find the Olarm you wish to change the account for by referencing the Serial no. You can search by using the search bar in the top Right of the page above the Olarms listed.

Once you have found the Olarm you are looking for, click on the button under the column names "Account Code", as depicted below:

Once you have clicked on the button a popup will appear:

In this window you can enter in varios references for personal use and the account code.

"Your Reference (Name, Id etc..)" - is a reference for your personal use, ie the address or the clients name.

"Main Account code" - is the account code you will need to fill in in order for the device to send signals to your monitoring software.

"Account code for Partition" - can be used to set an account code per partition if you wish to monitor partitions individually . If left blank they will default to the Main account code value. If filled in, it will override the account code for that partition.

Additionally you may fill in the street address which you have recorded for the installation for reference purposes. 

Finally click "Save" to save the information you have enters and it will store the account code and make monitoring for that Olarm live.

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