Before reading this article please make sure you have the latest version of the App via the respective app store.

Go to the settings tab in the app and find the settings labeled "Enable push Notifications:

Disable this setting and close the app completely, i.e.; close the app and clear it from recent apps. 

Now go to the phones notification settings, for Android go to Apps & notifications -> App info -> Olarm -> App Notifications -> Then ensure all settings are enabled. Please note that this may vary per version of android. For IOS/IPhone go to settings -> Scroll down to Olarm -> Notifications -> Then ensure all settings are enabled.

Also ensure that the Battery Optimization setting is not enabled or the App, this can be found under the Battery Settings of the phone, if you go to the 3 dots in the top right corner.

Go back and open the Olarm app now and enable the push notifications, go back to the settings in the picture above, and make sure it is enabled. Again, completely close the app and re-open the app. 

To test if the notifications are working, close the app (you do not need to close it completely this time, just minimize it), then arm/disarm your alarm via the keypad. If you still do not receive notifications please contact us at 

*Please note you will not receive any notifications when the app is open.
**Please note that notifications do not work properly on android versions below V5, unfortunately the only fix is to update your android to a later version.

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