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Creating an Invoice Batch

How to create an Invoice Batch

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An invoice batch is a group of multiple invoices. They can be all created at the same time or individually added to a batch. It speeds up your invoicing time and allows you to print all of them with a single click. 

There are two ways to create an invoice batch:

  • Invoice Run on Invoices and Credits

  • Add Invoice Batch in Invoice Batches

Invoice Batch

You can create invoice batches and assign individual invoices to them, this is useful if you would like to create a group of specific invoices and view them collectively. 

To create an invoice batch head to the navigation bar > Invoicing > Invoice Batches > Add Invoice Batch. 

You will come to the following screen: 

You then need to populate the following fields: 

  • Name - This is the name of your batch 

  • Invoice Batch Date - This is the date you would like to reference on your batch

  • Invoice Up to Date  - This is date you can use to specify an invoiced up to date  

  • Description - Enter any further details into this section 

Once you have entered these details simply click Add Invoice Batch. 

You can then assign invoices into this batch via the search bar inside the invoice batch.

You can add your desired invoices and then print the invoice batch to screen by clicking Invoice batch in documents.

Note: You can email invoices individually from batches by using the Action dropdown and selecting Email. Once the email has been sent, a green envelope icon will appear against that invoice. This will not email all the invoices in the batch, however you can use the Email Invoices screen to do this.

If you need to remove an invoice from the batch then you can use the Action dropdown and choose Remove from Batch.

Invoice Run 

To create an invoice batch using an invoice run, see our guide on invoice runs.

Once you are happy with the batch, the next step will be to confirm, issue and post the batch. For more information, please see our guide.

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