• Start by tapping the Plus button in the right top and choose Expense.

  • Or you can add a Business Expense using the Plus button on the Business Expenses Page.

  • Then, you need to choose the expense type. Choose between a regular Business expense or a Mileage tracking expense

  • In the Add New Expense screen, you have the option to be able to add your Business Receipt Image. You can do this by clicking on the Camera icon.

  • Select the photo or PDF or invoice you want to add from your computer or take a photo of your receipt on your mobile phone if you are adding it via your phone.

  • To delete the receipt image, click the X button.

  • Check the date of the receipt and the amount of the actual expense. The date will default to today's date so you only need to amend it if it's different.

  • If you need to make this a recurring expense do this by clicking the ON/OFF button.

To know more about recurring expenses CLICK HERE.

  • On the right select how you paid for the expense using the dropdown menu.

  • You can add a description in the Description box

  • Finally, select an expense category that best fits your expense.

  • Click Save in the top right corner when you finished.

General information about all your expenses you can see on the Business Expenses screen.

You can scroll through and have a look at business expenses per week, per month or per year. You can scroll backwards and forwards using the arrow buttons and specify a specific customized date period by using the date picker.

This graph will show you an overview of exactly how much you’re spending on a daily basis. If you hover over it, it will tell the exact amount that you spent.

The dial splits your expenses into colour-coded sections and reflects spending according to your expense categories that you’ve allocated each cost to.

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