Save even more money to increase your profits by tracking your business Mileage Expenses. Its simple in Pocket PA.

  • Firstly set up your business mileage cost under the account settings.

    My Profile > Customisation > Payments Settings

  • Here you’ve got your mileage setting information. You need to select what your mileage allowance is per mile.

In the UK there are two levels for mileage tracking - for the first 10,000 miles you can claim a higher cost, and then after you’ve done 10,000 miles there’s a lower amount that is claimable per mile.

NOTE: Please check this cost in your country and amend it accordingly.

To record your Mileage Expense there are 3 ways:


  • Tap the Plus button in the right top and choose Expense


  • On the Expenses Page you can add Business mileage expenses with the Plus button

  • For both 1 & 2 above, you then need to choose the expense type as Mileage Tracking Expense.


You can Track your mileage also via the Directions Button from any appointment you are on - and then choosing YES in the pop up that asks if you want to track your business mileage.

Set your current location by choosing an address from the drop-down menu or you can type it in manually by clicking the button Type In (you can do this for both of the From and To fields).

PROTIP: In the mobile version your Current address will automatically be pre-populated for you as your FROM address

  • You can change the amount per mile in the Settings. (see above)

  • Click the green Track Mileage button for it will automatically work out what the distance is between the two addresses and calculate the expense amount.

  • Click Save in the top right corner when you are finished and the mileage claim will be saved to your business expenses.

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