To add, edit or update your Business Profile details, go to the User Profile settings (User Profile settings > My Profile > Password)

  • Here you can add and update your Profile information and Business Information.

To complete your profile add a profile picture or a logo of your business.

PROTIP: This image will show up in your Manual Invoices so if you have a logo and want it to show then add it here.

  • You can do this by clicking on the Camera icon.

  • Select your logo or a photo from your computer or use your mobile phone to take a photo.

    Logo view:

  • Profile photo view:

  • To cancel the image or logo click on the red X button.

  • In your Profile information, you can edit your First or Last name and email address directly by typing it into the relevant box.

  • Add additional phone numbers - up to 3 in total can be stored - but only one can be selected as your default number.

  • On the right side, there is a box to add your Business Information

  • Add information to these boxes

    • Business name

    • Select your country (for SMS messages and map geographical purposes)

    • Category of work

    • Profession that you work in your industry.

  • Click Save to finish.

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