In Account settings there's a Notification area which you can customize for sending out sms notifications.

  • By default the button to Enable SMS notifications is switched OFF at the beginning.

  • In order to switched it ON you will need to have some SMS credits.

How to purchase your SMS Credits

  • Select from the dropdown the number of messages you want to purchase and then click on the Buy button to purchase them.

  • SMS bundles can be purchased in blocks of 100, 250 and 500 credits at a time. One credit is the equivalent of 160 characters. All SMS credits have a 1 year expiry.

  • The default credit card on your account will be used to pay for them and they will be immediately added to your account.

  • Once you are in credit, you are able to switch ON the SMS notification button.

Auto renew your SMS bundles

  • To ensure your clients always get their messages on time, you can select the feature to automatically top up your SMS credit bundles each time they drop down to 10 SMS credits

  • To enable this feature, ensure the check box is ticked. The amount of credits that will renew each time will be the same number as your last purchase.

EXAMPLE: If the last purchase was 100 SMS credits and you have the box checked, then when you get down to 10 SMS credits, you will automatically be credited again with 100 SMS and charged accordingly.

  • If you want to auto renew for a different amount to your last purchase number, you will need to manually buy your SMS credits at the bundle size you wish to use for all future auto renew purchases. THEN switch on your auto renew button.

Note: 1 SMS message is 160 characters long including spaces. However, emoji's and some Unicode symbols will take you over this limit.

If you wish to send a longer message and use emojis etc, its no problem, but be aware it may use up 2-3 SMS (or more) credits depending on the length and so it will use up your credit balance faster.

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