You can have your data sent to you automatically because we know how busy you are! Set and forget it so it's one less thing to stress about!

And your accountant will love you. 😊

Begin in Account settings (Helpful Tools > Export information).

  • To customise exporting data you can choose what information you want to be sent :

    • Clients

    • Appointments

    • Services

    • Products

    • Sales

    • Income from sales

    • Income from appointments

    • Business expenses

    • Net income summary

  • Set how often you'd like to receive this information

    • Weekly - it will be sent on the first day of each week

    • Monthly - it will be sent on the first day of each month

    • Annually - it will be sent on the date selected

  • Choose what format you want the data to be exported in

    • Excel

    • PDF

    • CSV.

  • Once you have selected your Exporting data choices, press the Save Changes button.

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