Pocket PA lets you import a large number of client contacts to your account - up to 250 clients per import.

You can import your client data by following these easy steps:

  • Start by going to Account setup and then choose Helpful tools.

  • Download and Use our template excel spreadsheet format.

  • Data must be in an Excel or CSV spreadsheet format and match the following fields shown in the template:

    • First Name *

    • Last Name

    • Email

    • Phone *

    • Address Line

    • Street Line

    • City

    • County

    • Country

    • Post Code

  • If the excel spreadsheet has any additional columns of data other than the above specific fields, then these will NOT be imported and may block a successful import.

PROTIP: if data fields are missing, this will not affect the overall import - however please NOTE there are 2 * fields that must be completed for ALL client imports to successfully import data.

  • Once your spreadsheet is completed with the fields, import it directly into Pocket PA by selecting it using the IMPORT button.

  • The process is very fast and once completed you will be able to see your new contacts all displayed in the Client area

The MAXIMUM number of contacts PER IMPORT is 250 so if you have 500 contacts you would need to import them in 2 batches.

If you need assistance with the import process then please contact us so we can give further help with this task. 😊

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