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Welcome to Pocket PA - what is Pocket PA and who is it for?
Welcome to Pocket PA - what is Pocket PA and who is it for?
Thank you for choosing us as your Digital Assistant! πŸ’š
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Welcome! Pocket PA is the one-stop digital assistant tool for any self-employed small business owner who wants to get organised and understand their finances.

FACT: No-one started their business journey to do more business admin!

That's exactly why I made Pocket PA - so you can focus on what you love and let Pocket PA do the heavy lifting.

It's best suited to small business owners that:

  1. Are self-employed

  2. Work by themselves and for themselves

  3. Have no staff (no PAYE)

  4. Are non VAT registered

  5. Find accounts time stressful every year

Pocket PA was created for you to:

  • feel organised with all you clients, bookings, income and expenses

  • manage all your 'business admin' tasks

  • keep everything together in one place

  • use on the go

  • access on any device

So what does it actually do?

  • Manages all your bookings & appointments and frees up your time with an advanced Online Booking option

  • Keeps all your Client information in one place

  • Tracks all Income, Payment and Expenses to manage your finances

  • Shows you in colour what you are earning and what money is left for you

  • Practical help with directions, mileage tracking, SMS / email appointment reminders, card payments, easy invoicing and so much more!

We think you'll love it because its

  • Easy to use

  • Jargon-free

  • Convenient

  • Affordable

  • No maths degree needed!

Its taken a while to get here but we hope you'll love how it can help you on your own amazing small business journey and help you grow and thrive and let you spend more time enjoying doing what you love each day.

We look forwards to you becoming part of our Pocket PA family πŸ’š

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