Each time you open Pocket PA we want you to feel proud and ensure that it shows what you'd like to see!

Whilst we cannot guarantee the profit (!) we can give options for you to customise the Summary boxes that show up in your Dashboard area.

To find out how to change your Dashboard screen view Summary Boxes click here.

Coloured Summary boxes let you check all your current and past totals of each statistic in your business.

PROTIP: Getting familiar with these numbers is the first step to a successful business as you cannot manage what you don't measure.

If you want to grow, you need to know where you are now - and where you are aiming to reach - and then set up the steps to reach those goal accordingly.

Expected Income Due Dial - lets you see exactly what you will be earning any week, month or year at a glance.

Its directly related to the bookings you have in your calendar for the corresponding date period - so its easy to see that an empty calendar will probably give you a lower income dial than a full and busy calendar.

Business Expenses - without keeping on top of whats going out, a small business can very quickly run into cash-flow problems.

A quick overview lets you see if anything is getting out of control and prompts you to take action before things get out of hand.

Net Income Dial - this is where you can see at a glance what your profit is and what money is left for YOU with the red and green dial!

  • Make the red as small as possible and the green as large as possible and you'll have a healthy and profitable business

  • if the red and green are equal half and half then it's breakeven and you're not making or losing money - but you won't have any income.

  • If the red is larger than the green then you have an expensive hobby going on and you need to know this ASAP and reduce spending and / or earn more to get back on track

Using a digital assistant tool like Pocket PA, that tracks all your business information in a way you can understand, is the first step to getting organised and on your way to success!

And remember, no jargon and no nonsense is our middle name and we like to keep things simple - so you won't need a maths degree to run your own business!

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