Clients profiles enable you to easily manage their contact information, also keep track of appointments and customers expenses.

  • Start by tapping the Plus button in the right top and choose Client.

  • Or you can add a New Client with Plus button on a Clients Page.

  • Then, you need to add your client's name and contact information (First name and phone number are the minimum required to save a new client).

    PROTIP: To complete client's profile and it's looked finished you can also add a photograph of the client if you’ve got a profile picture.

  • You can do this by clicking on the Camera icon.

  • Then you choose client's photo on your computer or mobile phone.

  • Also, you can cancel picture you've chosen by clicking by X button.

  • You can add several mobile numbers and choose one to send any SMS booking confirmation, reminder or thank you messages to.

  • Add an email if possible to use for sending invoices or reminder messages.

  • Choose if you would like to opt out specific clients from receiving SMS or email transactional notifications (ON/OFF buttons).

  • Fill out the clients address lines, and you can add subsequent addresses - up to three - and you can select one as a billing address.

PRO TIP: Be sure to add a Location Name of the address, e.g HOME or WORK or OFFICE1 because this information will be shown in the location's drop-down menu in the Appointment details.

  • Click Save in the top right corner when you finished.

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