In addition to adding a client, you can edit or delete the client's profile

  • On the Clients Screen you can see all the clients that you've added.

  • They will show under 2 tabs - Active and Archived

  • You can choose how your clients will be displayed on the screen and change to suit your preference - gallery or list view



If you want to edit or delete the client's contact information :

  • click on the Edit or Delete button accordingly (from gallery view)

  • Alternatively in List view, tap the green name at the beginning of the row and then choose what you want to do.

  • After editing a client's profile you will need to click the Update button on the right side to save all changes.

  • You have the ability to cancel changes, or you can delete a client's entire profile if required as long as no payments are stored against their history

NOTE: You can edit clients stored in the Archive tab - but you will not be able to delete any client if they have a payment stored against them (in their history) unless the payment is deleted first.

To read more about Archiving click here

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