In each Client details screen there is a notification area which determines your preference for sending out email and SMS notifications.

When you have added an email or mobile phone number for your client, you can choose to send them a notification message.

There are 3 types of Notifications you can send

  1. Booking confirmations - sent at time of adding to calendar

  2. Appointment reminders - sent before appointment

  3. Thank you messages - sent after the appointment

There are 2 options on how to send these Notifications

  1. Email - included in your monthly plan

  2. SMS - buy bundles on a pay as you go basis

PROTIP: its handy to routinely collect all your clients email addresses so you can send these free automated messages and also send them invoices to collect payments.

Appointment reminders will notify your clients about their upcoming appointments and include information such as the service, date and time or thank them after the appointment.

Active Reminders

  • In your client detail area you will see Active Reminders

🟢 If they are green then the client will receive email and SMS messages.

🔴 If they are red then the client will not receive email and SMS messages

You can switch them ON/OFF independently in the Client screen under EDIT mode

  • If an active reminder is switched OFF then it will be displayed like below

Switch ON / OFF active reminders

  • You can switch them ON and OFF in the client details screen in EDIT mode

  • Once you have switched to your preferred setting, select the green UPDATE button

  • By default the first mobile number and email address that you enter will be selected to receive SMS or email messages.

  • You can amend the mobile number you want the message to be sent to in Client details area in EDIT mode

  • Uncheck the SMS box by their phone number and press + to add a new number which you then select as the default message to go to.

NOTE 1: If no box is checked by the mobile number then NO SMS message will be sent

NOTE 2: Email messages will only be sent if a client has an email address filled in.

IMPORTANT: Email and SMS messages will also ONLY BE SENT IF you switch ON and SET UP the notifications in the Account setup area

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