To compliment a client's profile you can also add attachments (e.g. client consent form, images or record cards).

Pocket PA wants you to use the client area to keep everything relating to your clients all in one place. The attachments features lets you add documents or images under a special tab so you can refer back to them anytime.

Examples of attachments you might like to store include:

  • Consultation cards

  • GDPR consent forms

  • Images relating to the service you have given

It's so easy to add an attachment once you are in the Client details screen.

  • You can do this when you create or edit a client's profile by clicking the Add attachments button.

  • Choose the attachment you want from your computer or mobile phone - or take a photo there and then to add.

  • To cancel and remove any attachment you've previously added, click the X button to delete it.

  • Once the attachment is added, press the Save button (or Update).

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