• To add a New Appointment click on the Plus button in the top right bar

  • Alternatively you can add a New Appointment via the Plus button on the Calendar Page.

  • Start by selecting your appointment type :

  • Select the date, time that you want to block off, add the duration and title name of the Private appointment or blocked time reason.

  • If you switch the All day event button ON then you will only need to add in the title name of the appointment.

  • Add notes if you wish and if it’s a recurring private appointment then click the recurring button to ON and select the frequency and recurring end date.

  • A Private Appointment or Blocked time always shows as a dark grey colour in your calendar.


  • To Edit or Delete a Private Appointment go to the Appointment View Screen from your Calendar dashboard and click on the private appointment directly.

  • Select EDIT and remember that after editing a private appointment you need to click the Update button on the right side to save all changes.

  • You can cancel any changes, or you can delete the private appointment entirely if required.

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