To set up or change your working hours in the calendar, start in the Account Settings area of your User Profile

(My Profile > Calendar and Time tab).

  • Open the Calendar and time tab

  • Click on any of day directly to customize it

  • Specify the day you want to display for working by selecting the ON/OFF button to ON at the top by the day

  • Set the start and finish time for your working hours on each day that you switch ON.

  • Select your work location if you are fixed (leave blank if you are mobile)

  • Select the online booking option to ON if you wish that day to show up in your Online booking calendar as available.

  • Choose the day of the week you wish to display as the first day to start in your calendar view

  • Choose your time slot option that will display in your calendar - 15 mins is the smallest option so this will give you 4 lines per hour and make your calendar view more spaced out.

  • There is an option to change the calendar time to show in the format as a 12 or 24-hour clock

  • There is also an option to display the default Dashboard calendar view in either

    • Day

    • Week

    • Month

  • Choose your correct time zone - this is especially important if you plan to send SMS reminder messages so they are sent at the correct time relating to your geographical region.

  • Change the way your appointments are displayed in each individual calendar appointment layout according to one of these 3 options

    • Service (and Price)

    • Client name (and Price)

    • Client name (and Service)

  • Once you have chosen all your preferred customizations, press Save to complete the changes

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