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Add an Appointment Payment
Add an Appointment Payment

How to add a new Payment for an Appointment and service delivered

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  • Add a new Appointment Payment by clicking on the Plus button in the top right bar.

  • Alternatively use the Plus button on the Income Page.

  • Next, choose your payment type from the drop-down - Appointment Payment

  • In the Create Payment screen first step is to choose your client from the drop-down.

  • Next Select the Appointment that this current client has booked in.

    Notes: In the menu dropdown you'll only see appointments that have been booked in your calendar for the client you've selected.

  • Amount - enter the amount you are receiving for the service appointment - it can be changed by entering in a lesser amount than the full appointment amount that shows by default

  • Date of payment - this will default to today's date but it can be adjusted by clicking on the calendar icon and choosing a new date

  • If you want to add more than one appointment to the payment, click on the green + button next to the title Appointment Payment (if you want to remove a line then press the red minus button)

  • On the right side of the Create Payment screen you will see all the detailed information about the sale you're creating.

  • Then, choose the payment method :

    • Cash

    • Bank transfer

    • Gift voucher

    • Paypal

    • Cheque

    • Card Payment will be shown here if you are connected to Stripe or Square

  • Press the Save button in the top right corner when you are finished.

An alternative way to add an Appointment Payment is to add the payment from the Appointment details Screen

  • Start on the Calendar screen and click directly on the appointment you want.

  • Once you are in the Appointment details screen you can Add the Payment by clicking the button next to the Attendance status.

  • Then follow the same flow as above

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