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Add a Standalone Payment (unrelated to an appointment or sale)
Add a Standalone Payment (unrelated to an appointment or sale)

How to add a new Standalone Payment - this is income received that is not connected to an appointment or a product sale

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Another name for recording income or a payment unrelated to an existing appointment, sale or invoice is called a Standalone Payment.

Click here to find out more about what a Standalone payment is

  • Add a Payment by clicking on the Plus button in the top right bar.

  • Alternatively use the Plus button on the Income Page.

  • Choose the payment type - Standalone Payment.

  • In the Create Payment screen you need to specify the

    • Amount of the payment/income received

    • Description of your payment - be as detailed here as possible for your own reference as it's easy to forget later down the line!

    • Date of payment

  • Choose the payment method:

    • Cash

    • Bank transfer

    • Gift voucher

    • Paypal

    • Cheque

    • Card Payment will be shown here if you are connected to Stripe or Square.

  • Press the Save button in the top right corner when you are finished.

How to view all your Standalone payments

Once you have created Standalone payments, they can be viewed in the Financials > Income area under their own separate tab > Standalone payments (tab 3)

You will see a list in date order

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