Select the Left to Pay button from the Financials dropdown to find out what money is still outstanding and due to be paid to you.

  • A list of all of your unpaid monies can be seen at the bottom under 2 tabs separated into Appointments and Sales

  • The Left to Pay dial splits monies owed between that due from appointments given and monies due from sales made.

  • Each tab will show monies relating to your

    • appointment/sale date

    • clients name

    • description of the service or product

    • amount that's still due to be paid

    • part payments will also be shown here

    • overall payment status - Unpaid or Left to Pay

  • It's very quick and easy for you to go into each client's view screen directly by clicking on the green clients' name link and then you can either give them a call, send them a message to ask for the payment.

  • Alternatively, send them an invoice with a link to make the payment if you have their email address.

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