PROTIP: To receive an AUTOMATIC payments for invoicing, you must be connected to the Stripe or Square payment gateway for this option

'Auto invoicing' means a clickable link is generated for your clients to pay.

  • Paid monies will be logged directly to your income dial

  • Save time as no need to check your bank accounts

  • Stripe / Square transaction fees get logged directly to your business expenses area - as they are a tax deductible cost

Create an Invoice by clicking on the Plus button from the top right menu.

  • Alternatively used the Plus button on the Invoice Page.

  • Next, choose your invoice type from the pop up - select the option for Auto Invoicing via Stripe or Square

  • In the Create Invoice via Stripe or Square screen start by choosing the client you want to send the invoice to from the drop-down (or add a new client using the green + button) and enter client's email.

NOTE: As you start to enter in your invoice information, you will see the details populating into the Preview area on the righthand side for you to check the details.

  • Add an invoice or reference number under Invoice Details

  • Select the Invoice date (today by default) and the Invoice Due date - which is when you want it to be paid by.

There are 2 options to choose from for the information inside the invoice.

  1. Free text Entry - for you to add your own Title and Description for each line entry and add your own quantity and price in the Amount Due box

  2. Existing Appointment/Product - lets you add items to the invoice by selecting from dropdown boxes of previous entries only related to your chosen client.

PROTIP: It's easy to create invoices with a combination of both Free text entry lines and also Existing Appointment and Product sales to send to your clients.

Add Existing Appointment / Products

  • Click on the Add Existing Appointment /Product and a dropdown will show all of the appointments associated with this client (this covers any appointments this client has where the money is outstanding).

  • Alternatively you can add any products you've got listed in your product menu to be added to the invoice and sale.

NOTE: If an appointment or product has previously had a part payment made against it, this prepaid amount will show in the Invoice under the Prepaid column on the appropriate line

  • If you want to put in another item by adding a free text entry then just select Add Free Text Entry and add in the

    • Quantity

    • Price

    • Title of your Entry - e.g. Weekend Day Rate

    • Description can give more details to the Title given above e.g. Work includes labour and materials

  • Towards the bottom of your Create Invoice screen the Invoice template lets you choose the exact colour for your invoice to match your branding or company logo. Enter in a specific Hex number if you know it or use the slider to find the colour you want to use.

  • Below the Colour slider you can also select the transparency of the colour shown.

  • The footer template lets you add notes which show on the invoice at the bottom.

PROTIP: Save the colour and footer template for future use to save you time adding them in again each time - tick the green checkbox to Save them.

  • On a desktop device you can preview your invoice on the righthand side to see how your invoice will look.

  • Adjust anything you need to amend and then press Save & Send.

View and Download your Invoices

  • In your Invoices Screen there is a list of your invoices according to date period selected at the top.

To Download your Invoice

  • Click on the green invoice icon under the Invoice Preview column and the invoice will download directly to your device.

    Cancel an Invoice

  • All unpaid invoices can be cancelled by selecting the yellow button.

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