All manual invoices must be created and sent to clients and you will need you to check the payments are received.

You'll also need to enter the payment in to Pocket PA manually and to mark the invoice off as PAID

  • Create an Invoice by clicking on the Plus button from the top right menu.

  • Alternatively use the Plus button on the Invoice Page.

  • Next, choose your invoice type from the pop up - select the top option for Manual Invoice

PROTIP: All invoices sent manually will need you to check the payments are received.
You will also need to enter the payment into Pocket PA manually and to mark the invoice off as PAID

  • In the Create Manual Invoice screen start by choosing the client you want to send the invoice to from the drop-down (or add a new client using the green + button) and enter client's email.

  • Select if you want Pocket PA to automatically send the invoice to your clients email address once the invoice is saved. Check the box if you want this option or leave unchecked if you want to also send it manually.

  • Alternatively you can download it yourself and send it via your own email address with an accompanying message.

NOTE: As you start to enter in your invoice information, you will see the details populating into the Preview area on the righthand side for you to check how it looks.

  • Add an invoice or reference number under Invoice Details

  • Select the Invoice date (today by default) and the Invoice Due date - which is when you want it to be paid by.

There are 2 options to choose from for the information inside the invoice.

  1. Free text Entry - for you to add your own Title and Description for each line entry and add your own price in the Amount Due box

  2. Existing Appointment/Product - lets you add items to the invoice by selecting from dropdown boxes of previous entries related to your chosen client.

PROTIP: It's easy to create invoices with a combination of both Free text entry lines and also Existing Appointment and Product sales to send to your clients.

Add Existing Appointment / Products

  • Click on the Add Existing Appointment /Product and a dropdown will show all of the appointments associated with this client (this covers any appointment this client has where the money is outstanding).

  • Alternatively you can add any products you've got listed in your product menu to be added to the invoice and sale.

NOTE: If an appointment or product has previously had a part payment made against it, this pre paid amount will show in the Invoice under the Prepaid column on the appropriate line

  • If you want to put another item by adding a free text entry then just select Add Free Text Entry and add in the

    • Quantity

    • Price

    • Title of your Entry - e.g. Weekend Day Rate

    • Description can give more details to the Title given above e.g. Work includes labour and materials

  • Towards the bottom of your Create Invoice screen the Invoice template lets you choose the exact colour for your invoice to match your branding or company logo. Enter in a specific Hex number if you know it or use the slider to find the colour you want to use.

  • Below the Colour slider you can also select the transparency of the colour shown.

  • The footer template lets you add notes which show on the invoice at the bottom.

PROTIP: Save the colour and footer template for future use to save you time adding them in again each time - tick the green checkbox to Save them.

  • Select the checkbox at the very bottom to add your Bank Details directly to Invoice. These are set up in your User Profile area under the Payment Settings tab.

  • On a desktop device you can preview your invoice on the righthand side to see how your invoice will look.

  • Adjust anything you need to amend and then press the Save button in the top right.

  • If you have checked the 'Automatically send to clients email address' box at the top then the invoice will be sent to them for you from Pocket PA

  • The last step is just to press Save & Send.

View and Download your Invoices

  • In your Invoices Screen there's a list of all your invoices according to date period selected at the top.

To Download your Invoice

  • Click on the green invoice icon under the Invoice Preview column and the invoice will download directly to your device where you can then print it off to post or to send it on manually to your client by email.

    To Add payments, Resend, Cancel or Delete an Invoice

  • On the right side of the invoice information line you will see options you can take with any invoice before its been marked as PAID

    • Add Payment

    • Resend

    • Cancel

    • Delete

  • If an invoice remains unpaid and the invoice date has gone by you can resend it at any point in time as often as you wish.

  • To register a payment against each Invoice here, select the Add Payment button and enter in the payment information. This will then change the invoice payment status to green Paid.

  • All unpaid invoices can be cancelled or deleted by selecting the appropriate button.

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