• On the Invoice Screen there is a full list of invoices.

  • Everything is sequenced according to the date timeline (from the earliest date to latest date) as per the far left column.

  • All tabs are customisable and sortable for your convenience.

PROTIP: If you click on the green Date button in the dropdown menu to sort your invoices, it will start by giving you the earliest date to the latest date invoices.

Clicking on the same Date sort button again will then swap the list from the latest to the earliest date invoices.

This is the same for all sorting categories

  • On the Invoice screen you can also scroll through and have a look at invoices per week, per month or year

  • Scroll backwards and forwards using the arrow buttons and find the correct time period that you're looking for

  • You can also use the drop-down to specify a customised date period.

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