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Card payments using Stripe
Card payments using Stripe

How to take a card payment using Stripe

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Pocket PA integrates with Stripe to process card payments from your clients and make sure you get paid fast.

NOTE: No card reader is needed to take in person card payments with Stripe. Auto invoicing can also be activated once Stripe is connected

  • Payments made via Stripe get tracked straight to your income dials once paid.

  • All Stripe transaction fees are logged automatically by Pocket PA to your business expense area.

  • Stripe transaction fees are the same whether the payment is made in person or online. (1.6% + 23p per transaction for UK and EU cards*)

PROTIP 1: You need to be sure that card payment is switched ON in your Payment settings.

PROTIP 2: For more information on card transaction fees click here

To find out more about Payment methods and how to customise them click here.

How to take Card payments using Stripe

Start by adding a new payment..

  • Add a new Payment by clicking on the Plus button in the top right bar.

  • Alternatively use the Plus button on the Income Page.

  • When you add a payment it can be a payment for

    • a service

    • a sale

    • combined payment

    • or standalone payment.

  • Select any payment under Choose Payment Type that you want to pay for with the Card (can be Appointment payment / Sale payment / Combined payment or Standalone payment) This is just an example below.

NOTE: this example will work the same whether its for a Sale, Appointment, combined or Standalone card payment

  • In the Create Payment screen choose the payment method you want to use from the dropdown.

  • Select Card Payment from the dropdown menu.

  • Press the green Pay button top right once you've selected the Card Payment option.

  • It will then ask you for the Card information which you can enter into the boxes

  • Click Submit Payment once details are checked and correct

  • After the payment is completed, you will be taken to the Income screen where your last payment will show at the bottom

  • Check the Payment Method column to see your latest Card Payment entry


Online Booking Example of card fees:

  • Stripe charge 1.6% + 23p per transaction (for UK and EU cards*)

  • Square charge 2.5% per transaction

On a £30 (example also for £50 deposit) online booking where a deposit is taken, this works out to be

  • Stripe cost £0.71 for £30 deposit (£1.03 for £50 deposit) taken

  • Square cost is £0.75 for £30 deposit (£1.25 for £50 deposit) taken

This transaction fee is added directly to the business expenses area as its a tax deductible cost

PROTIP: For more information on card transaction fees click here

*Stripe costs for Non UK/Non EU cards is 3.1% + 23p per transaction

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