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Set up and create a Stripe Account
Set up and create a Stripe Account

How to create a free Stripe account to set up card payments without needing a card reader and auto invoicing

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Pocket PA integrates with Stripe to process payments from your clients and make sure you get paid fast.

NOTE: No card reader is needed to take in person card payments with Stripe. Auto invoicing can also be activated once Stripe is connected

  • Payments made via Stripe get tracked straight to your income dials once paid.

  • All Stripe transaction fees are logged automatically by Pocket PA to your business expense area.

  • Stripe transaction fees are the same whether the payment is made in person or online. (1.6% + 23p per transaction for UK and EU cards*)

PROTIP: For more information on transaction fees click here

*Stripe costs for Non UK/Non EU cards is 3.1% + 23p per transaction

Set up and integrate with Stripe

To integrate Stripe to your Pocket PA account go into User profile > Integrations > Payment integrations

  • Click to the green Stripe Connect button and you will be taken to the Stripe Login page.

To connect Pocket PA and Stripe, you will need to have a Stripe account so follow the steps below:

  1. Login in with your existing Email and Password - click Continue

  2. If you don't yet have one, create a new Stripe account with the Sign up button.

    NOTE: Once you complete the connection process your Stripe button will turn RED and remove the option to Connect

    The option then will be to Disconnect if in the future you want to disconnect

Signing up for a new Stripe account

You will need the following to hand

Click here for more detailed information and tutorials delivered by Stripe

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