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Subscription options

How to upgrade your free 14-day trial to a monthly or annual subscription plan

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Go to your Subscription area via the User profile on the right hand side.

Under the Detail section you can see all information about your subscription.

There are two different plans in Pocket PA and they are both shown here - MONTHLY or ANNUAL.

Both plans offer access to the exact same features.

To keep things simple, we do not have any tiers or different levels in Pocket PA!

  • The Monthly subscription is billed monthly and the Annual plan is billed once a year on the anniversary of the first payment date.

Note: There is a saving if you choose the Annual subscription.

  • You are able to switch between the 2 plans as and when you need to (e.g. you can switch to the plan monthly at the end of your annual plan if you want to).

  • Your Plan name will be shown here - so whether you are on an annual or a monthly plan it will say (Subscribed) in brackets next to the one that you're subscribed to.

  • There's an auto renew button (ON/OFF) to plan you've switched to.

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: Once your plan expires your data is stored safely on Pocket PA for 90 days. After that time it will be deleted.

BUT if you keep the Auto renew button ON then your account will always run and your information will continue to be stored safely on your live account for you to access anytime.

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