Refer a Friend Dashboard

Understand the Refer a Friend Dashboard area to see how and when you get paid

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Click on Refer a Friend on the top bar menu to go into the Refer a Friend dashboard.

PROTIP: to receive payment for any Refer a Friend introductions, you will need to have a connected Stripe account as all payments are made via Stripe


  • In the first blue box is an overall summary number of the total number of current paying subscribers that you've introduced since you started sharing your unique code.


  • In the middle pink box is a percentage summary number

  • This will show you a conversion of trial users to becoming paid subscribers.

EXAMPLE: if you give your unique code out and 10 people trial it and 5 of them go on to become paying subscribers, then your conversion rate on that basis will be 50% - as 5 out of the 10 will have signed up to actually use it.

Effectively it will give you an ongoing success rate of how many people try it and then go on to subscribe.


  • On the far right hand side it will give an amount that's going to be credited to your account on the last day of this actual month.

This figure will be the total due for subscribers who PAID for a subscription in the previous month

It will be credited on the last day of each month.

NOTE: Information relates to subscriber numbers from the last month.

All information about your subscriber numbers and conversion % are visually displayed in the dial:

  • How many users are in their 14 DAY FREE TRIAL in this current time period

  • How many users have PAID and are SUBSCRIBED in this current time period

  • How many user have UNSUBSCRIBED in this current time period

  • Overall conversion rate of

  • It will always show you the current week, current month and the current year.

  • To view any week, month or year by pressing the < and > arrows.

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