In Account settings there's a Notification area which is for sending out email and sms notifications.


Due to recent malicious attempts from a small minority trying to misuse Pocket PA, we are now verifying all user accounts before any messages can be sent out for the first time only. This additional step has enhanced the security of Pocket PA for all users.

Please click on the Green button to send a request for verification

- this will usually happen very quickly but within 24 hours at the latest.

All emails sent under Email Notifications for Booking Confirmations, Appointment Reminders and Thank you messages are included in your subscription price.

All SMS messages sent are required to be purchased in bundles Click here for more details

NOTE: All emails are sent centrally from so your clients will not be able to send any response.

All SMS messages are sent centrally from POCKET PA so your clients will not be able to send any response.

If you want them to reply to you, mention this in the email or SMS message you are sending and provide an email address or number for them to reach you on.

There are 3 types of Notifications you can send

  1. Booking confirmations - sent when you add their appointment to your calendar

  2. Appointment reminders - sent before appointment

  3. Thank you messages - sent after the appointment

There are 2 options on how to send these Notifications

  1. Email - included in your monthly plan

  2. SMS - buy bundles on a pay as you go basis

For more information on how to set up each type of notification, click on the links below

Email Notifications

SMS Notifications

Booking confirmations will be sent at the time of adding the appointment to your calendar. Appointment reminders will notify your clients about their upcoming appointments and include information such as the service, date and time or thank them after the appointment.

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