• To add a New Service Appointment click on the Plus button in the top right bar

  • Alternatively you can add a New Service Appointment via the Plus button on the Calendar Page.

Then, select the Create a Service under the Choose Appointment Type

  • In the Create appointment Screen, start by choosing your client or add a new client with a plus button.

  • Next choose the Location

    • This can be client’s address

    • Or you can add your own premises address stored under your Locations in the Account Settings area

  • You can also add your own notes to each appointment

  • To make this a recurring appointment click the ON/OFF button in the bottom right of the screen.

To find out more about how recurring appointments work CLICK HERE.

  • Next, you need to select a service (or add a new service with plus button beside the word Service)

  • All services already added to Pocket PA will show in the drop-down list of services

  • Choose the date and time that you want for the appointment.

  • Also select the quantity of the services you are delivering at the time of the appointment being booked using the - and + keys as required (or type in quantity number)

  • Add any relevant Discount to your appointment, and once added after the Discounted Amount will be shown in the right hand side on the summary screen.

To find out how to set up your Discount options click here.

  • Once you have chosen the first service, you can add as many additional services for this same appointment by selecting the Add More button at the top. The start time of the next service is calculated automatically.

  • To delete an additional service if you add it by mistake, just click the red minus icon by the line that says Next Start Time

  • Click Save in the top right corner once complete.

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