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What is a Standalone payment? We explain here!

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Pocket PA is the best Digital Assistant to help you keep track of any payment or monies that you receive throughout the year that you need to remember to tell your accountant about!

This is where Standalone Payments comes in super handy!

Standalone income could be money received from anything really.

It's basically money you get that you choose not to connect to your Pocket PA calendar via the appointment feature or add in via a Product to create a sale.

NOTE: Standalone payments will not have a specific Client record to be attached to it anywhere.

Some examples of Standalone payments could be:

  • Income received from a paid / employed job that you want to keep track of in Pocket PA to keep it all in one place.

  • Payments from Grants e.g. Employment Grants from the government paid during Covid

  • Tax Refunds you want to remember to let your accountant know about

  • Tips or gratuities that you want to put through your business separately

  • Income from rental properties you get either regularly or from time to time.

  • Irregular one off monies received for odd jobs here and there that you want to keep track of

Whatever you get money for, that you want to keep track of, Pocket PA can record it under Standalone payments so it's not forgotten and it's all in one place.

Click here to see how to add in a Standalone payment

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