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Getting Started: Understanding the basics about Services, Multi-part services, Classes, Class Sessions and Packages
Getting Started: Understanding the basics about Services, Multi-part services, Classes, Class Sessions and Packages
All you need to know to understand the difference between these types of appointment bookings
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Pocket PA is a wonderful tool that lets you book in a wide variety of options into your calendar but its helpful to know what the difference are between the bookings you can make.



This is simply a single service that is delivered at a fixed time for a fixed sum

  • It can be added to the diary

  • It can be booked via online booking with a deposit requested (or not)

  • It can be recurring

  • It could be given via Zoom

EXAMPLE OF A SERVICE: A manicure or a haircut, a widow clean, a car valet, a dog walk, a consultation, a treatment ... the list is endless depending on what you do!


This is where a combination of services deliver a 'multi part' service with more than one service joined together

Alternatively it could be 'buffer' time added at the beginning, end or middle that may or may not be chargeable eg travel or prep / cleaning time

Another option for multi-part services allow for space to be booked off and blocked or kept free between the delivery of 2 or more services.

If you choose to add a slot between 2 services that is marked as 'Free time', (not Blocked) then it can be booked in to see another client during that space.

As per the Service option, a multi part service will have its own price for all the parts together.

  • It can be added to the diary

  • It can be booked via online booking with a deposit requested (or not)

  • It can be recurring

  • It could be given via Zoom

EXAMPLE 1 OF A MULTIPART SERVICE: A Hairdresser sees a client for a colour and wash out - so they apply the colour in first 45 minutes of the service and then have a free 30 minutes (that can be booked by other clients) and then they have 15 minutes blocked for the 2nd part of the service to wash the colour out.

In the diary it will look like 45 minutes blocked + 30 mins free + 15 minutes blocked = in that 1 hour 30 minute space, 1 x 45 minute AND 1 x 15 minute slots are blocked off to deliver the services with a gap of 30 mins between them available for a different client to book in

EXAMPLE 2 OF A MULTIPART SERVICE: Mobile beautician - creates a multipart service where they have a 15 minute travel time and then their regular 30 minute service and then a 15 minute travel time at the end so they have enough time to get between their local appointments

In the diary it looks like 15mins travel (blocked) + 30 mins blocked for service delivery + 15 mins travel = 1 hour blocked off in total

NOTE: Both Services and Multi-part Services are booking into your Calendar under Appointments


A class can be delivered privately as a 1-2-1 (to just one person) or it can have a one to many delivery where class sizes are specified.

The sequence is to

  1. First create a new Class.

  2. Next add the Class to the calendar as a Class Session.

  3. Lastly add clients and their payments to each Class Session created.

  • Class Sessions can be added to the calendar as a one off class or they can be a recurring daily / weekly/ monthly class session in the calendar.

  • Class sessions can be bookable online with a maximum number of spaces per class (Classes can also be delivered to clients over Zoom COMING SOON)

  • Online booking of classes can allow clients to book themselves a friend/s into the same class if its set up to allow this in online booking set of the class


Example - a tutor / dance instructor sets up a class (in the same way as a service but sets class size in set up) - they specify the location - can be a fixed location (or online via Zoom) - they then add the class to the diary as a session or appointment - it can be a one off or it can be recurring e.g. weekly at 10am for 10 spaces.

Clients then book the classes online until the spaces are all full and then the class no longer shows up as there is no availability.

Clients can be made to pay upfront if the payment option is added and set up in online booking

There is a mini register attached to each class session so it's easy to tick off an attended status for each client who turns up and also to check they have paid

NOTE: Both Classes and Class Sessions are bookings in your Calendar under Appointments


Packages are a group of services which can be delivered at a special price (or not) and then sold directly to clients as a Sale

  • They can be sold upfront with full or part payment received

  • Packages can be made up by grouping together just one service all added together e.g. Special Offer Package - book 9 haircuts and get the 10th Free OR they can be different services grouped together e.g. Spa Package - consisting of a manicure, pedicure, massage and facial

  • Package payments will be added to the Client area to show they have this Sale and then as the services are used up from the package, Pocket PA keeps a running tally to show what is left to use up

  • Once a Package is 'sold' all services delivered under a Package will show as 'Free' under their Status as they are pre-paid and therefore not payable at the time of the service being delivered.

  • A Package can be booked online via online booking (if the online booking page is set up and active) and then the services in the package booked one by one into the calendar.

  • Appointments booked under a Package price show what services are still left to redeem of the package

  • Clients can book in for parts of their package services either online or directly with the Pocket PA user

EXAMPLE 1 OF A PACKAGE SALE: A Driving instructor / personal trainer has a package of 10 x 1 hour lessons or training sessions (all the same service) and their client buys the package upfront (directly from the Pocket PA user / or they can buy it online via online booking)

The client books in their weekly lessons as they go along and the balance reduces on their 'account’ until all the lessons are used up

EXAMPLE 2 OF A PACKAGE SALE: A Beautician - pulls together a group of beauty services and the package prices allows for a small discount as the services are all booked inside the 'package price’ - they then offer the package directly for clients to book through them or their clients can book in their services via the online booking page if this is offered.

NOTE: Packages are bought under Sales and Products and are then booked into your Calendar under Appointments

Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers are created in the Gift Voucher area as a digital product.

  • They can be for all services and products or just for specific ones listed.

  • The services or products available to redeem with the Gift Voucher are shown on the flip side of the Gift Voucher for clients to see what is included.

  • They can have an expiry date and limit on the numbers sold which is set on creation of the Gift Voucher - or they dont have to have an expiry date.

  • They can be branded - so you can select the colours to suit your own branding from options in the set up and this shows on the Gift Voucher preview area.

  • They will have your logo, business name and address on them and any special notes or title they chose.

  • Once created Gift Vouchers can be sold directly to clients with a special URL link and clients wishing to buy a Gift Voucher can pay online for it.

  • Clients can PAY for services including via online booking by presenting their unique Gift Voucher code at the time of payment if they make a booking and the system recognises that they have a Gift Voucher registered to their name.

  • Part payment can be made with a Gift Voucher - and remaining credit will stay on the voucher to use up and until any expiry date.

  • Gift Vouchers can be downloaded and then printed to be physically given to someone.


Zoom needs to be set up under integrations and can then be used inside Pocket PA to become linked with appointments

  • Once set up, Zoom can be used to deliver any appointments booked where Zoom has been selected as the delivery method of a

    • service

    • class

    • package

  • Clients must have a registered email address to get their Zoom link sent to them

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