The first screen you see when you login and open Pocket PA is called your Dashboard

It looks slightly different whether you are on your desktop computer or on a mobile device like a tablet or phone.

Desktop View

Mobile phone view

PROTIP: To reach the 2nd sub menu in this mobile view click on the burger 3 lines menu option icon top right

This will reveal a list of headings which expand out for more page options to click on

PROTIP: Especially important is the bottom Account Settings drop down as it has all the areas for you to customise your Pocket PA tool


Click on the '?' icon top right to see a list of simple help articles when you begin using Pocket PA

These will help guide you through how to do each aspect of using your new Digital Assistant in easy to understand step by step stages

Clickable Buttons

Each coloured Summary Box and name is clickable so you can easily reach the following areas directly from your Dashboard

  • Clients

  • Services

  • Classes

  • Packages

  • Products

  • Gift Vouchers

  • Appointments

  • Income

  • Expenses

  • Invoices

  • Sales

PROTIP: Additionally in the middle of your Expected Income Due dial there is a red line called LEFT TO PAY which is also clickable

Adding in new entries to Pocket PA

In the top right corner you will see a + button which expands on clicking for you to add any of the following NEW entries

NOTE: To access this + button on mobile devices, first click the person icon to reveal a sub header bar where the + button is located (see image above)

Next click on any of the squares to go to a screen for you to add in what it is you need to.

Example: Add Appointment will take you to the Create New Appointment screen.

Header bar to access each area

Click on any of the header Titles to reveal drop-downs and further options on where and how to access sub pages

Desktop View

Mobile View

Click on the 3 horizontal lines (Burger Bar!) top right, to then reveal a side menu on the left, and each will reveal sub pages.

Search Area and Notification Bell

The Search Bar

Pocket PA has a speedy search function to allow you to look for anything or anyone by name

The Notification Bell

This will show a small red circle (with a number) when there is new bit of news to share with you relating to your business

It's split into

  1. News Feed - relates to information from Pocket PA about things we need to tell you about your digital assistant eg updates or new features

  2. Notifications Feed - relates to activity with clients

    1. New online bookings made

    2. New invoice payments

    3. Successful import of clients

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