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Refunding a payment for an Appointment or Sale
Refunding a payment for an Appointment or Sale

How to refund a payment related to an appointment or sale

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To show a refund in Pocket PA and to update a payment status from Paid to Unpaid in the appointments or sales area you must delete the payment in order to reflect the refund.

NOTE: The refund process means that the payment will need to be deleted from your records and will no longer show anywhere once completed.

  • Start on the Income Screen via the Financials menu dropdown.

  • On the Income Screen at the bottom, there will be a list of all payments you've created under 4 different tabs.

  • You can click on each one by selecting the green date of the payment that you wish to see the payment details for.

  • Click on the Red Delete Payment button to delete.

  • Confirm on the pop-up that you definitely want to Delete the Payment or press Cancel

  • After that, the payment status of specific appointments or sales will be updated from Paid to Unpaid.

Stripe and Square refunds

  • You can delete the payment whatever method you have used to register as the Payment method.

  • However if the payment was made through Stripe or Square, then you will need to additionally refund the payment in the Stripe or Square dashboard.

  • If you delete a payment that has been made through Stripe/Square, you will be reminded to do this with a Pop up

Click here to see how to refund a payment in Stripe

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