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Marketing to your Clients
Marketing to your Clients

See how and what might you want to send to your clients to earn more money

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Marketing. Its a big topic!

Basically its keeping YOU front and centre and connected to your clients in a way that ensures they choose YOUR services or products when they need them!

So how can Pocket PA help you do this?

Our Marketing feature lets you send Email or SMS messages to your clients either immediately using Broadcast / Blast messages or at a time to suit you using Scheduled messaging.

When could this be handy?

If you want to notify your clients about ....

Upcoming special offers 🍾

  • Choose clients who have had particular services or bought certain products with you in the past - select these using the filter options.

Example 1: You have a new hair care product you wish to promote. Using the filter options, select the dates filter for all clients seen in the last 6 months who have had haircuts / highlights etc and / or have previously bought hair products from you.

Example 2: You have a new package you want to share with clients to give them the low down for some early sales. Send out a message to let them know all the details and include a link to your Online booking page to get booked in early.

Promote Gift Vouchers 🎁

  • Share a link with your clients to let them purchase Gift Vouchers to collect money up front and get new clients in to try your services once the vouchers have been gifted.

  • You can include a link to sell your Gift Vouchers online so you collect the payment automatically.

Communicating changes to your business 🧰

  • If there's a change in your working routine, its super easy to let any clients affected know of this with a single broadcast message.

Example 1: One of your places that you work in is going to be closed for a refurbishment. Tell all clients that visit that specific location of the changes - use the Location filter to ensure only these clients are sent the message.

Example 2: You have to close for Covid until further notice. Send out a broadcast message to ALL your clients to advise of your closure and explain what the next steps will be for re-opening.

Example 3: You are opening up your online booking diary for Christmas! Tell all your clients so they can be the first to book in with you and get their chosen date and time. Clients love to feel they have the inside scoop on things and are the first to hear!

Promoting last minute availability ⏰

  • If a slot becomes free at the last minute, get it filled by messaging specific clients to fill the gap. You can keep a wait list of clients who want to book in and if a slot comes up you can use the filters to just send one message to your chosen clients on a first come first served basis. SMS works beautifully for getting their attention and keeping your calendar full and your income high.

Letting clients know of upcoming holiday closure 🏖️

  • Telling your clients all in one go that you will be away for holidays can serve 2 purposes - keeping them in the loop and also giving them a reason to book in sooner so they don't miss out on an appointment!

Marketing doesn't have to be complicated or expensive - it's about staying in touch and making your clients feel special.

With Pocket PA we help you send the message you want to the people you choose about the bits you want to tell them about!

With pay as you go bundles of email or SMS messages, for example you can reach 1,000 clients for £3 with our basic email bundles, so it doesn't even cost the earth!

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