How can I enter facts related to my search?

You can enter additional facts related to your query. The facts field opens right below the question field, either when you start typing a question, or by clicking the black drop-down arrow to the left of the question field.

What type of facts can I enter?

Any fact related to your research! Wording is free text, and you can enter it as one sentence. At the moment, ROSS limits you to a maximum of 20 words, and all such words are searched together as one fact. An example for facts could be “false television advertisement” or “manufactured products, including towels and clothing.” 

Do I need to put my facts in quotes or with Boolean connectors?

No. Enter the facts in free text. No boolean connectors, quotes, single quotes, commas or other punctuation is required.

Can I enter only Facts, without a question?

No. Although facts are optional, it is always mandatory to enter a question for your legal research.

Do matching facts influence the order that answer cards are returned?

Yes.  If found, cases with matching facts would rank higher than other cases and appear closer to the top of the list (this might be affected by other search criteria, such as motions, cases that are highly cited, deep matching etc.)

Does adding facts affect my answer?

In the Answer cards, passages that include matching facts are presented with the button “Fact Match”. Clicking on it, you can review the passages in the case law that found matching facts.

In the Full Case view, passages that have matching facts are in the case, as well as in the Highlighted Passages pane on the right. These are ordered in the way they appear in the case, and you can click on each one of them to be redirected to that paragraph.

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