When an agent makes a Property Update request on one of your properties, you will receive the request by email and it will also display in your [Actions Which Need Your Company’s Attention] widget on your Home Page.  

To confirm the status of your property:

  1. Click [Property Update Request] on the [Actions which need your company’s attention] widget on your Home Page

  2. A list of Update Requests will display (if you have more than one current request)

  3. Click [Show Me] beside the request you want to answer

  4. The property reference number will be displayed under the heading Properties You Need to Update. (Hover the mouse over the reference number to see property details)

  5. Select the correct property status from the drop-down to the right

  6. If the listing is for sale and for rent, you will have to select the status separately for each

  7. Click [Save]


  • It is important to deal promptly with these requests as the other agency is likely to have a client interested in your listing.

  • The name of the agency that made the Check Availability request will display under the Agency heading after you have saved the new status.

  • To see the agency contact details, hold the mouse over the agency name.

  • If a property update request is not answered within 14 days, the property will automatically be set to [Listing].

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