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What is the Standalone Version?
What is the Standalone Version?

The Standalone Version of the system is free. It allows you to manage your own properties and clients.

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What functionality is included in the Standalone Version?

Standalone includes the full functionality of the system except for the ability to network with other agencies.

  • Full CRM to manage your buying and selling clients, appointments to view your properties, daily tasks and calendar

  • Store all your property details and related documents

  • Print/Email window cards and information sheets with your company logo to your clients

  • Store automatic property alerts

  • Publish your properties to your website and contracted property portals

  • Publish your properties FREE to our property portal

  • Live Chat Customer Support direct from your system Home Page

What functionality is missing from the Standalone Version?

  • No access to the AMS

  • You cannot share your properties with other agents

  • You cannot access other agents properties in the system

  • You cannot show other agents properties on your website

  • You cannot see which agents are on the Network

  • Recurring property imports.

What is the cost?

The Standalone Version is free for life.
You can add the New Developments Module at a cost - see subscription prices link in next paragraph.

Can I upgrade to the Network Version?

Yes you can upgrade to the Network Version at any time, simply raise a chat from the system asking to upgrade. Click here for subscription prices.

  • IMPORTANT NOTE: If you upgrade to the Network Version at a future date: your property references will be renumbered; and you will have to manually edit each property to confirm it's availability for sharing on the Network. Click here for more info.

  • A future upgrade to the Network Version will be subject to the current published price list.

Can I downgrade from the Network Version to Standalone?

Yes you can, however you should note the following:

  • Your properties will be removed from the Network and from feeds to other agent's websites.

  • Any recurring property import will be deactivated.

  • A downgrade to Standalone would take effect on the date your paid subscription expires, there will be no refunds of paid subscriptions.

  • All Network listings from other agents must be removed from your website. This will be monitored and failure to do so will result in cancellation of your Standalone Version.

  • You can go back to Network at any time.

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