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Sort and Filter your Account Mapping
Sort and Filter your Account Mapping

How to apply filters to Account Mappings

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By default, the account mapping is sorted by ascending alphabetical order. You can still change the sorting rules to your liking:

Note: Sorting your account mapping will alter the rendering and also your CSV file during the export.

Note: Sorting options apply to you only, not your whole workspace.

Filtering using Quick Views

These quick views are found on the top right of your account mapping and allow you to filter your account mapping to see the most relevant data.

These filters are based on the following categories:

  • Common customers: See all customers you have in common.

  • Common opportunities: See all accounts with opportunities in both your CRMs.

  • My Prospects vs Customers: See all your prospects that are your partner's existing customers.

  • My Customers vs Prospects: See all your partner's prospects that are your existing customers.

Note: Filters apply to your view only, and not to your whole workspace (affecting other team members on Reveal)

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