New Prospects is a feature that uncovers accounts that exist in your Partner's CRM, but not in yours. In other word—where there is no account overlap.

⚠️ This feature can only be activated by Administrators or Partnership Manager users.

Ways you can use Reveal New Prospects data:

  • Send the accounts to your SDRs as for outbound prospecting

  • Identify strategic accounts that may be missing from your CRM

  • Run Account Based Marketing campaigns

(Read the Payfit case study to find out how they use Reveal to source the best targets for their Sales Development teams.)

Viewing your New Prospects

To view New Prospects, open the Account Mapping of your specific partner.

Click the dropdown menu on "Account Overlaps" and select "New Prospects".

❗🤝 NOTE - For either you or your Partner to access the data, BOTH of you will need to have enabled sharing New Prospects with each other.

If NEITHER you or your Partner have enabled sharing

You will see this dialog box:

When you click to 'Request Access' you will be prompted to confirm that you are enabling the setting to Share and Receive New Prospects with this Partner.

If BOTH you and your Partner have enabled sharing

You and your Partner will be able to see the New Prospects data.

You'll notice that half of the spreadsheet is empty - This is because the data appears in only one CRM.

  • Blank in Purple columns = Your Partner's Customers missing from your CRM

  • Blank in Green columns = Your Customers missing from your Partner's CRM

👉 Use the quick filters to assess how many Prospects are shared by both sides.

Export New Prospects

There is the possibility to export this data from Reveal. Speak with us to find out more.

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