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SaveDay Telegram Features

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Introducing SaveDay bot's features

  • SaveDay Bot allows you to save, summarize, search, highlight, set reminders, and manage your content.

  • Get started with the SaveDay bot at this link.

How to start

  • To start using SaveDay bot, once you have accessed our SaveDay Bot, simply click the "Start" button and you can begin using it right away!

  • Right after clicking the start button, you'll receive the SaveDay onboarding message and a video guide on how to use the features. To explore more fantastic features, click the button "Quick Guide"!

How to save

You can Save with our Bot using two simple options:

  1. When you come across interesting information that you'd like to save, click on the "Share" option and choose to share it with SaveDay bot.

  2. When you copy and paste the content directly to the SaveDay bot, it will automatically store the content you've sent.

How to summarize

  • You can get AI notes from your lengthy content, whether by using "/key" follow with link or using fomula: "/key + your link" or generating them from your search results.

  • SaveDay Bot will automatically generate AI notes and related images of it. You can also save them to your SaveDay collection by clicking "Save it all โœ…" and customize themes with "Change themes ๐Ÿ“ธ".

How to summarize in group

  • Ready to use the /key feature in your group? Make sure to add the SaveDay bot in advance! Just follow this easy format: /key @SaveDayBot + your link.

How to search

  • Quick search your saved content by using "/search" then typing the keywords or hints that you remembered. Or you can use the formula : "/search + your own keywords."

  • Once you receive the search results, you can further enhance your experience by selecting "/key" to obtain concise information from your saved content.

How to manage all saved contents

Accessing Your SaveDay Library (If Already Connected)

  • Type "/library" in your chat box or select it from the Main Menu then choose the "SaveDay Library" option. Now: The SaveDay app opens, allowing you to search, delete, and create collections of your saved items.

Connecting to SaveDay (If Not Yet Connected):

  • Type "/library" in your chat box or select it from the Main Menu then choose "Connect with your SaveDay Library".

The SaveDay app will open and prompt you to log in that you can manage your saved items - search, delete, and create your own collections.

Please note: For data security, the collection link is valid for 1 hour. Use the "/collection" command to access your saved items again.

How to add reminder

To add reminder for your saved content with your SaveDay bot, you can:

  • Share the link or content you want to save with SaveDay bot in your Telegram chat. After saving the content, SaveDay Bot will send "Remind me" option.

  • Choose the "Remind me" option, and you'll be presented with three reminder choices: 6 hours, 24 hours, and 48 hours. Select the desired reminder time, and SaveDay Bot will set the reminder for that saved item.

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