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Pop & Domain redirect Auto-Optimizer campaign setup
Pop & Domain redirect Auto-Optimizer campaign setup
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August 2020

With the Auto Optimizer, you basically let our algorithm do the work for you. This tool enables automatic optimization based on your campaign's performance.

The entire algorithm of the Auto Optimizer is based on firing back to us the conversion pixel and the CPA goal. Therefore, the feature is only available if you can implement a pixel.

The Bid Optimizer will perform an automated learning process for each new traffic source, identifying its optimized bid according to the campaign parameters you set. Once the learning process for a particular source is complete, it will be optimized accordingly. The unprofitable sources will close, and the profitable ones will be optimized according to the defined parameters.

Our algorithm considers the following parameters:

Learning phase:

  • Min learning bid - the minimum bid of the traffic source on the learning phase

  • Max learning bid - the maximum bid of the traffic source on the learning phase

  • Learning budget per source - the budget of each source for the learning phase

Optimized phase:

  • Max optimizing bid - the highest bid you are willing to bid for the optimized phase.

  • CPA goal - desired price per conversion

Here’s how to set up your Auto-Optimizer campaign:

1. Create a pop or domain redirect campaign

2. Select ‘Run of Network’ or ‘Keyword Targeted’ campaign.

3. Select ‘Use Bid Optimizer.’

4. Set your ‘Learning Phase‘ and ‘Optimizing Phase‘ parameters.

  • Please note: The Min learning bid should not be lower than the minimum valid bid for the selected GEO.

5. Set your conversion tracking pixel.

6. You can target only one GEO for every optimized campaign. Other than that, all targeting options are as usual.

7. Save your campaign and send it for approval.

Understanding Auto-Optimizer Campaign Statistics:

  • Maximum optimized bid - Max Bid will be the Optimizer’s maximal bid-limit during the optimization phase (Maximum bid can be different for each source in case of manually changing the bid per source).

  • Current Bid- Source's average buying bid, based on the most recent data.

Source status:

  • Learning - Buying is done based on the source’s learning range of bids. Algo is still gathering data to identify the optimal bid for this source.

  • Optimized - Enough data was gathered to identify a source that’s compatible with the campaign’s CPA goal when using the optimized bid. Incompatible sources will stop receiving traffic. Please notice that if you change one or more of your Optimizer parameters, some sources might restart receiving traffic.

  • IIdle - Source didn’t get any traffic in the past month. Once it starts receiving traffic again, this source will resume from its previous status.

  • Blacklisted - Manually managed status. You can blacklist a source from a campaign at any phase.

Actions -

Perform optional actions on specific source(s).

  • “Blacklist source from this campaign” - Source will stop participating in auctions, but its historical data for dates when it was operational will remain available.

  • ”Remove source from blacklist” - Remove this source from the blacklist and reintroduce it back to this campaign.

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