What is Domain Redirect (Zero Click) and How Does it Work?

Domain Redirect (Zero Click) traffic comes from users who type a misspelled domain and their browser page gets redirected to an offer’s page.

If you properly set up the campaign, Domain Redirect is considered to be a very targeted campaign and will usually generate very high conversion rates.

What makes Domain Redirect campaigns convert so well?

  • Your offer is displayed to users who are actively searching for a product, meaning they have high intention to convert.

  • Your ad is displayed to users without their need to click anywhere. They are simply redirected to your offer’s page.

  • Your ad looks like a webpage, hence it’s not intrusive and doesn’t look like ad.

Why is There a Need to Define a High Bid for Domain Redirect Campaigns?

Since Domain Redirect campaigns are considered to be very targeted and highly effective, there is usually a strong competition on those redirected domain. Therefore, it is recommended to offer a high bid for a Domain Redirect campaign in order to get traffic.

RON-Domain Redirect vs. Keywords-Domain Redirect

There are two types of Domain Redirect campaigns:

  1. If you choose Run-of-Network (RON) as the targeting type of you Domain Redirect Campaign, the campaign will compete against other RON Domain Redirect campaigns and will get traffic from all Domain Redirect opportunities (Supply).

  2. If you choose a Keyword Targeted Domain Redirect Campaign, the campaign will get traffic only from Domain Redirect opportunities (Supply) with the keywords you define. This campaign is considered to be highly targeted.

How to Create a RON-Domain Redirect Campaign?

  1. Set your Targeting Type to RON.

   2. Set your Traffic Type to Domain Redirect (Zero Click). 

How to Create a Keyword-Domain Redirect Campaign?

  1. Create a campaign and set your Targeting Type to Keyword Targeted

    2. Then set your Traffic Type to Domain Redirect (Zero Click). 

3. You need to set the relevant keywords in this section.

How to use keywords in a Domain Redirect Campaign?

In a keyword-targeted Domain Redirect Campaign, it’s crucial to use your keywords correctly, in order to maximize your traffic. Here are a few guidelines:

  • Use the correct targeted keyword and not the mistyped ones. For example, use ‘Shoes’ instead of ‘Shoos.’ The traffic will supply keywords, and in most cases, will not include the misspelled keywords nor the domain or URL.

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