With the Auto Optimizer, you basically let our algorithm do the work for you. This tool enables automatic optimization based on your campaign's performance.

The entire algorithm of the Auto Optimizer is based on firing back to us the conversion pixel and the CPA goal. Therefore, the feature is only available if you can implement a pixel.

The Bid Optimizer will perform an automated learning process for each new traffic source, identifying its optimized bid according to the campaign parameters you set. Once the learning process for a particular source is complete, it will be optimized accordingly. The unprofitable sources will close, and the profitable ones will be optimized according to the defined parameters.

The Auto Optimizer has two phases. In the first phase, which is also called the learning phase, you will be asked to set two parameters: Learning bid, and Learning budget per source.The Auto Optimizer tool for Push traffic will study your campaign’s sources by bidding on them with the learning bid inserted. In the second phase, which is also called the optimized phase, you will be asked to set your maximum optimizing bid and your CPA goal. After the Auto Optimizer finds collected enough data and knows which are the best-converting sources for your campaign, it will find the most suitable bid according to your maximum optimizing bid considering your CPA goal.

Learning phase:

  • Learning bid - the bid of the traffic source on the learning phase

  • Learning budget per source - the budget of each source for the learning phase

Optimized phase:

  • Max optimizing bid - the highest bid you are willing to bid

  • CPA goal - desired price per conversion

Here’s how to set up your Auto-Optimizer campaign:

1. Create a new Push notifications campaign

2. Select ‘Use Bid Optimizer.’

3. Set your learning and optimized phases parameters

4. Set your conversion tracking pixel.

5. You can target only one GEO for every optimized campaign. Other than that, all targeting options are as usual.

6. Save your campaign and send it for approval.

Understanding Auto-Optimizer Campaign Statistics:

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