• Create your postback URL

  • Add SelfAdvertiser as your traffic source on RedTrack

  • Generate the postback URL on RedTrack

  • Set up the Campaign on RedTrack

  • Set up the Campaign on SelfAdvertiser

1 - Create your postback URL

Once you’re in the campaign settings, Choose RedTrack as your tracking solution in the Conversion Tracking section.

Your SelfAdvertiser postback URL is created automatically and contains subid, price and unique ref id parameter.

Copy and implement the Postback URL in your tracker (after setting up Step 2).

2 - Add SelfAdvertiser as your traffic source on Redtrack

Log in to your RedTrack account, choose the Traffic Sources tab and click the New button, search for SelfAdvertiser and then click Add choosing SelfAdvertiser traffic source.

RedTrack will pre-populate all the necessary traffic source settings.

Don’t forget to change “REPLACE” to your actual ref id from the SelfAdvertiser postback URL or just copy-paste your postback URL you created on Step 1. Otherwise your conversions will not be tracked correctly!

You can also add a price parameter to your postback (recommended) to pass dynamic payout price in USD for each conversion according to its value.

If you choose the ‘Auto’ option in the SelfAdvertiser Conversion payout section the price parameter will be added automatically to the SelfAdvertiser postback URL.

After completing all replacements, click Save to store your SelfAdvertiser settings in RedTrack (if you want to make any changes - select your traffic source from the list and click Edit button).

3 - Generate the postback URL on RedTrack

To get notified about conversions from the affiliate network, you need to generate a Postback URL on RedTrack containing the "CLICK ID" parameter and add it to the affiliate network's panel.

To create Redtrack’s Postback URL, choose the offer sources tab and click on +New button. Choose your offer source/affiliate network from the list and click Next. Now copy Redtrack Postback URL and paste it in the affiliate network panel.

If you are experiencing any issues - contact your affiliate network support.

4 - Set up the Campaign on RedTrack

Before setting up the campaign, please make sure you have created an Offer (Offers tab). The campaign you will create connects between the traffic source and the offer.

Now go to Campaigns tab, click on the +New button to open the new campaign configuration menu.

Add SelfAdvertiser in the Traffic source field and dill out all other mandatory fields.

Once clicking Save - the Campaign destination URL will appear in the Click URL field.

5 - Set up the Campaign on SelfAdvertiser

Log in to your SelfAdvertiser account, click +New Campaign button (or edit one of your existing campaigns).

Copy the Campaign URL with all parameters from BeMob campaign settings and paste it as Target URL for your campaign on SelfAdvertiser.

You must verify that the @@CLICK-ID@@ parameter was added to your campaign destination’s URL.

If you are experiencing any problems setting up the S2S conversion tracking - please contact us via the Support tab in your account.

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