Short version

  1. Open the recording and tap Transcribe button in the upper left corner
  2. Tap Human Transcription in the upper selection menu 
  3. Change language, accent or currency by tapping Three dots button.
  4. Choose preferred payment regime
  5. Tap Next button
  6. Enter your Email and Billing information
  7. Tap Order Transcript
  8. Transcript is ready - open recording and tap Transcript button in the upper left corner
  9. Enter credit card info or pay via Apple Pay
  10. Smart Editor - Edit, Search, Format,  Export

Detailed version

1. Open the recording and tap Transcribe button in the upper left corner

2. Tap Human Transcription in the upper selection menu (Machine Transcription here)

3. Change language, accent or currency by tapping Three dots button.

By tapping Three dots button in the upper right corner you can change the language of your recording (it is set by default based on your phone´s settings). You can also change the accent for the selected language and currency. Different languages have different pricing.

4. Choose the billing regime

  • Pay-as-you-go

Simple & easy option for occasional use. The cost is based on the length of the recording (+timestamps if requested). Credit card is charged each time a purchase is made. The invoice is sent directly to the application after each purchase.

  • Individual Plan (more info)

Pre-paid amount of minutes for reduced price per minute. Ideal for regular users with high volume of recordings. Monthly rollover on unused minutes. One bulk invoice sent directly to the application each month. Cancel or upgrade/downgrade anytime.

5. Tap Next

6. Enter your information (the app will remember for them for further purchases)

Optional - Pay-as-you-go order below 100 USD. You can fill the form in order to receive a proper invoice.

Mandatory -  Pay-as-you-go order over 100 USD / Individual plans
You must fill in your personal billing information or company´s billing information. You will receive an invoice after each purchase / bulk invoice each month. In the Pay-as-you-go regime, the credit card is charged for each purchase. In Individual plan regime, the credit card is charged only when purchasing the plan, following transcription orders will deduct minutes from plan´s minute supply according to recording´s length.

7. Order transcript

Once the transcript is ordered, the recording is encrypted and uploaded to the server. When uploaded, it is reviewed by the Quality Administrator Manager to make sure It can be transcribed at least to the extent of maintaining a contextual meaning. 

Quality is not sufficient

Smart Record does its best to process all the recordings it receives and only seldom the recording is rejected. If this happens, notification is sent to the app and the money is returned back to the credit card which had been charged.

Quality is sufficient

Once the recording is accepted, the system assigns it to the most suitable transcriber based on the accent, length and current workload in order to deliver the best achievable quality at the shortest possible notice. 

Important check 1:
Delivery time - all recordings are processed based on the order in which they came, not on their length. That's why it can take relatively long time even for a short recording to be delivered. Smart Record guarantees delivery up to 4 business days from the day the recording was uploaded but usually it is much sooner.

Important check 2:
Transcription & Transcribers -
privacy protection and data safety are the paramount priority for Smart Record. Therefore, all individuals accessing the recordings for the purpose of transcription are verified employees with proven background check, signed non-disclosure agreements. All customer information is anonymized and transcriptors have access only to the recording itself. Once they complete the transcription, the recording and the transcript are locked from their further access.

Important check 3:
Storing - Smart Record stores the recording and corresponding transcript for 30 days from being marked as complete. In case you find a significant inaccuracy in the delivered transcript and request a remedy, the access for the transcriber is reopened to make the requested changes. If a claim is not reported in 30 days from receiving the transcript, the recording and the transcript are deleted from the server.

8. Transcript is ready

Once the transcriber is done with the job, the transcript is sent for the final quality check. When approved, it's encrypted and sent directly to app's Smart Editor. Push notification is sent and the transcript can be accessed directly by tapping the push notification or via the respective recording's screen.

9. Smart Editor - Edit, Search, Format, Export

Smart Editor is an in-app tool that allows to make basic edits to the received transcripts directly in the app. It also allows to transform the transcribed text into several formats and export it to various services. Choose the desired format of the transcript - resultant document is saved to the device and can be shared with one tap.

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