An "account owner profile" and a "player sub-profile" are both profiles of the Household. So what's the difference?

An account owner profile represents the owner of the household. Unless the account owner is an athlete/coach, this profile should never be tied to registration and/or the roster. The account owner profile has a login, full access to make account edits, and can manage the other sub-profiles.

  • "Guardians" cannot be added to an account owner profile. However, an account owner profile can be a Guardian of a player profile.

The account owner's profile is signified by a banner in the upper left corner of their profile, labeled with "Me."

A player profile is an account sub-profile for an athlete and should be tied to registration and/or the roster. A player profile does not have a login to the account and is only created during registration or when added to a roster.

The player profiles are highlighted below.

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