What kind of tech do you accept?
Updated over a week ago

We accept thousands of different devices โ€“ including phones, MacBooks, tablets, smart watches, iPads and more. We also accept different makes such as Apple, Samsung, Huawei etc.

If your tech is faulty or doesn't work we can still able to accept it and at the very least recycle its parts. To get the correct value just make sure you answer the condition questions correctly when telling us about your tech. We unfortunately can't pay for engraved or personalised items.

We can't accept some larger items such as iMacs and large MacBooks and if your tech isn't listed (such as Fitbits, screens, laptops, TVs or brands we don't accept) just send us a message and we'll help as much as possible to give you some ideas for the best way to recycle the item.

We don't accept printers or household electricals such as kettles, vacuum cleaners, irons, wires etc. You can usually sell these privately, donate them or recycle them at your local council's recycling center.

We also don't accept fake items or those that have been reported lost or stolen.

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