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What to do before selling your tech
Should I include the charger or other accessories?
Should I include the charger or other accessories?

Do we need your original accessories?

Updated over a week ago

Nope... we don't need any original boxes, wires or accessories and it's important to note that this doesn't affect the price in any way.


If you're using Spring Post

Feel free to include wires and accessories if you don't need them and we will make sure they are recycled. (Alternatively, check with your local council to see if they will recycle them for you.)

That said, don't forget that many companies have stopped including wires/chargers with new products so it might be worth keeping 'em for later.

If you are using a Spring Pod
Please just drop off the item without any chargers, SIMs, memory cards or accessories (we don't even need the watch strap if you want to keep it!). If these are included it can cause problems at the Pod.

Also, no need to package up the tech – the pod will take care of it!

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