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Why don't you give me a specific value?
Why don't you give me a specific value?

Why is the value a range estimate

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At Spring, we want to be as transparent and honest as possible.

By giving you a value range, the aim is not to be shifty and non-committal, but quite the opposite.

At Spring, our business model works by being able to recondition your device and sell it on to a happy customer. That means that any components that are not in full working order will have to be replaced (by us) and that if the wear and tear on the outside of the device is worse than described, it will affect the price we sell it on for.

Long story, short. We need to inspect your device first to assess the true value (and work out what we can offer you and still make a profit).

Why a range?

This is because the value of your tech is based on lots of different things, some of which are obvious (like the external condition, i.e. scratches etc.) but some that require closer inspection (like batteries, or internal sensors like gyroscopes, accelerometers).

We've worked really hard to make sure that the ranges are accurate and that most of our customers receive a value within the range we've given.

Currently, over 80% of our customers receive a value within or in some cases, above their stated value range.

Transparency within the industry

If we offered you a specific price (like our competitors) and then found a few issues with your device resulting in that price being significantly reduced, you are likely to feel aggrieved.

We therefore think it is much more transparent to be up-front with customers and say, look, your device's value can vary and here's roughly how much it typically varies by – hence our value range.

Now, in a competitive market there is a temptation to dangle the best possible price in front of customers (for a device at the very best possible condition) in order to get more business.

However, at Spring we are sticking to our guns and taking an honest-first approach. This may very well harm our business in the short-term but we've got our eyes on building a brand you can trust.

Tell us what you're happy to accept

To make sure you are completely comfortable, you can tell us in advance what you're happy to accept before sending your device to us:

  • Approve any value

  • Approve within value range

  • Always ask to approve

Plus, get a free & in-depth Tech Health Report for every device

For additional peace of mind, you'll be able to see the full, 30-point-plus Tech Health Report in your Spring account. This will give you a full breakdown of the condition of your tech and it's yours to keep; even if you don't sell your device with Spring.

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